Search for Malaysian Plane: Will they ever find the plane?

  • It's a small world, after all.

    Yes, eventually they will find the Malaysian Plane, because the world is small these days. There are only so many places that it could be. Eventually we will be able to search everywhere to find the plane. If the plane was taken for an ulterior purpose, eventually they will use the plane to launch a bomb or something, and then we will know what happened to it.

  • Yes, The Missing Malaysian Plane Will Be Found

    I believe the missing Malaysian Plane will be found within the coming months because more clues keep coming in daily from different sources and countries, and that all the radar and satellite information that is available from many sources needs to be reviewed intensively in order to find conclusive evidence of the plane's location, even if it has crashed.

  • I don't think so

    I think that the chances of finding that plane a very slime and anyway if the plane has crashed at see it could be anywhere in the Indian Ocean or it could have floated or be blown somewhere else. It is likely that it sank to the bottom of the sea making the wreckage nearly impossible to find or the other potion that it has crashed somewhere in land which may make it more likely to find unless it has crashed in the mountains then that's another story.

  • No, the Malaysian plane will not be found

    Global satellite images are not very promising. There are no strong indicators of the plane's location, which make me suspect it has disappeared into the ocean or is being concealed as part of some nefarious, complex plot. Either scenario would lead to the plane being destroyed or lost for many years.

  • Secrets are being kept.

    I believe that particular Asian and Middle Eastern countries know what is happening with this plane and aren't sharing it with the rest of the world. It's extremely shady and I think they may even be planning something. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it think that we are blinded and not being revealed the full truth. All for a higher purpose.

  • No, it may never be found.

    At this writing, the missing plane is still missing. While we always, of course, want answers and don't like unsolved mysteries, the fact is that many planes go missing and are never seen again, such as Amelia Earhart's plane. There are so many places where a plane can hide, especially if it landed in the water. Experts currently think they will find it, or at least some wreckage. But there's always the unsettling possibility that nothing will be found.

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