Searches surge for Spanish-language voter information: Is Hillary Clinton failing to address the concerns of Hispanics?

  • Yes, she is, because she only addresses what will get her elected.

    Long story short, Trump is not going to win over Hispanic voters in majority. Hillary Clinton being the smart resourceful woman that she is, is likely to pander and focus resources towards the voters that are not as likely to be flooding in her direction. Sadly, she will not cover many of the issues in America for similar reasons.

  • Yes, Hillary is failling Hispanic voters.

    Hillary has treated the Hispanic vote as a right, just as she treated the democratic nomination are her right. By assuming that she would win the Hispanic vote, Hillary left them behind, showing little interest in the needs of the Hispanic community. As a result she has only addressed what she perceives as Hispanic issues without engaging the demographic directly.

  • Hispanics Largely Ignored in National Election Bids

    Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump both need to address the concerns of the still growing Hispanic populations. Add to them the still present Native American Tribes, hundreds of clans who have no voice in the political process of the country in which they have lived for hundreds of years. Both mainstream parties are failing with current actions and policies. Where democracy is succeeding all peoples are lifted up, not repressed. Perhaps a history lesson from the Statue of Liberty is needed.

  • Yes, she is failing to address the concerns of Hispanics.

    Hillary Clinton is courting the Hispanic vote, however, she is failing to address the concerns of this voting bloc. Clinton, like many Democrats, has pandered to Hispanic voters by making big promises before elections, and then making excuses afterwards. Many Hispanics see her pandering as phony and they are suspicious of her intentions.

  • Clinton has strong minority support

    Hilary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for President. She has a positive track record among minority groups, including Hispanics. Her policies directly support struggling communities, which, unfortunately, most Hispanics are part of. Voter information about Spanish speakers in America. helps contribute evidence to this claim about her positive impact on Hispanics.

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