Sears is closing 77 Sears and Kmart stores before Christmas: Is this a sign that the company is in trouble?

  • Yes, these are signs that the company is in trouble.

    Considering the growing economy and the holiday season, most of the companies are going to make profit. If sears and kmart is closing down 77 stores which is a substantial numbers shows that the company is really struggling to make profits. Also, the growing competition from other giant retail store chains like walmart etc. are making it difficult for stores like sears & kmart to make substantial profits.

  • Yes, I believe that this is a sign that the company is in trouble.

    Yes, I think that this is a sign that the company is in trouble because closing that many stores would make a hard hit on the profit. There are also so many other new stores coming out that I wouldn't be suprised if they were slowly pushing all the pre-existing stores out of business.

  • Yes, Sears appears to be in financial trouble.

    It is quite clear that liquidating assets, as Sears has done means the company is in financial turmoil. 77 stores may not be a lot, but they have already closed a lot of store in Canada as well. Closing a store before Christmas means that even with the Christmas rush the company doesn't expect to make any money.

  • Sears and Kmart Closing Stores is Good Financial Sense

    Sears and Kmart will be closing several stores before Christmas. While some people may consider this a sign that the company is in trouble in reality it is really a smart financial move. Because the companies are not closing all stores and going out of business completely they are opening the door for the larger shopping market. That is the online shopping market. They are just two more examples of companies following the business. Closing the stores allows the companies to expand their online presence, which in turn will bring greater profits.

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