Seattle helicopter crash: Are helicopters safe for use in major cities?

  • Of course! Aviation is the safest form of transportation. The most dangerous form of transportation is by road vehicles.

    30,000 people die each year on the road in the USA. Why does local & national media and the general public turn a blind eye to our horrific national tragedy which takes place on our roads daily?

    During the last 80 years, over 2.4 million people have died on US roads. See

    When will the national media and the general public insist our government make it a national priority to create high tech roads, laws to improve vehicle safety and laws for recurrent training for all drivers?

  • Helicopters are absolutely safe.

    Due to the recent helicopter crash in Seattle, some wonder if they are safe to fly in major cities. The answer is simple, just as people worry about the safety of air flight, truth it there are hundreds of thousands more auto accidents, and tens of thousands more auto accident deaths compared to any vehicle in the sky. Cities all over the world have news helicopters and more flying in the sky perfectly safe.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe helicopters are safe for use in major cities. The helicopter crash in Seattle does not represent the normal day of helicopter use in a major city. They had one accident out of many days of helicopter use. It is not normal for helicopters to crash but there always remains a possibility.

  • Seattle helicopter crash

    Helicopters are safe for use in major cities. The reason that this happened to this helicopter is being investigated now it does not mean that the thousands of helicopters that fly everyday are not safe. It just means that more actions need to be taken to keep the public safe in case and event like this occurs.

  • So many fly each day.

    Yes, helicopters are safe to use in major cities, because the vast majority of them are used in major cities each day. In New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and other cities each day, each news station has a morning helicopter crew that flies out to monitor traffic. They land safely each and every day.

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