SeaWorld is proposing an expansion of their whale tanks. Is it a good idea?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Better than shrinking them.

    I would rather them invest more money in the habitats than cutting back funding. This includes expanding the size of the tanks, which is better than shrinking them.

    All animals that are held in captivity have lower lifespans than those found in the wild, but SeaWorld seems to be releasing information that says their whale's lifespans are on par with those in the wild according to this article:

  • Whale Tanks = Whale Prison

    Any promotion towards expanding SeaWorld, is equivalent to promoting the number of captive sea creatures for human entertainment. This world is shared by all species and should be of equal value and respect, we should not treat them as circus clowns for our entertainment. If one says well animals are dumber than us and therefore, they can be treated however humans like, well I have an disabled relative that has trouble reading and understand things around her, if people go by the same reasoning why don't they make her a laughing stock of entertainment as well.

  • Bigger prison is still a prison

    SeaWorld's proposition is that they double the size of their tanks that house their orcas. What they should be doing is terminating the performances, it's obvious that the whales are negatively affected by that environment. It's acceptable to keep them for public display, but they should shut down the shows.

  • Seaworld Should Release These Whales For Two Reasons

    The Orcas that Seaworld "owns" are living in horrible conditions. I'm not an "animal rights" supporter but once you see the situation these whales are living in, it's hard to not feel sad for them. Also, three people have died as a result of the whales' aggression. Many more have been injured. Seaworld try's to blame the incidents on the victims, but I think we all know that's because they don't want people to think their attractions are aggressive killers. I have also watched Blackfish and thought it was very interesting.

  • Instead, FREE them!

    Instead, they should FREE them! Watch the documentary Black Fish, on Netflix. There is no doubt you will never want to support, visit, or be associated with Sea World in any way after watching this film. Orcas kidnapped from their environment are not mean to be our entertainment; they are intelligent animals being deprived of a long, free lifespan in the wild where they are supposed to be.

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