Second to last Republican debate: Will the tone be any less combative than the previous five?

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  • The tone of the Republican Debate will be testy

    As long as Donald Trump is still in the race for the Republican nomination, the tone will be tense. The Republicans are involved in a contest to be the most bombastic to the electorate. The problem with the republicans is that they need to be as crazy as possible in order to fault the people.

  • Republican debate will be combative

    This political campaign is serious. Candidates feel strongly about their opinions and defend them in a strong manner. I am glad they are passionate about their views. I would rather see passionate candidates than candidates who are neutral. Having Donald Trump in the mix ensures a combative debate - not because of him, but because others have a preconceived notion of him.

  • Republicans likely to stay aggressive in debate

    The Republican debate will likely be as fierce and aggressive as the previous ones. It is still a crowded field, with 10 candidates on the main stage, and they will seek to stand out by throwing sharp elbows. In addition, combative personalities such as Trump and Christie are still very much factors, Indeed, their poll numbers have grown, indicated sharply worded attacks work.

  • No, same combativeness.

    The second to last Republican debate will not be any less combative than the previous five. The candidates continue to stay fixated on their platform and their plan of attack, choosing either a fellow Republican candidate, the President, or a Democratic candidate as their scapegoat. It is too late in the process for a change of approach. Therefore, the same arguments will continue.

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