Secularism: Is a secular state superior to a religious one?

  • Yes Yes Yes

    • Allows personal & religious freedoms
    • Separates government and religion from interfering with one another
    • Everyone is treated ‘equally’ by government

    Temporal authority is the power of the state or nation, not of the church or religion. The church or religion has spiritual authority. It allows freedom

  • A secular state allows for respect for everyone and for science.

    A secular state allows for the development of science. This helps in the medical industry as well as in scientific progress that helps the economy. Religious people are free to be religious and non religious people are free to not be. It makes for a more advanced and inclusive state for everyone.

  • Secular States are Better

    There are many potential problems with the establishment of a religious state. As everyone knows, there are a number of countries that have been beseiged by civil conflicts based on religion, such as Syria where the Sunni and Shiite Muslims have been pitted against each other. These wars tend to last longer and are more likely to recur unless the opposing side is decimated. Religious conflicts tend to be a case of winner take all and are shown to have an intolerance of other sects. Governance by a secular state does not take sides and tries to maintain the peace for all.

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