Security: Should Istanbul heighten security and protection efforts to protect tourist and citizens from ISIS threats?

  • Istanbul versus ISIS

    Istanbul should heighten security and protection efforts to protect tourists and citizen from ISIS threats. Every nation should do this. ISIS are attempting to overthrow every major government in the United Nations. With their suicide attacks, the only thing we can do is make sure we are prepared for an attack.

  • Turkey must get serious about security

    Turkey, like the countries of Europe and the United States, must always remain vigilant about terrorist threats. Every terrorist incident strengthens ISIS organizationally and in propaganda. Only coordinated efforts by all countries will end the scourge of terrorism. Turkey has a vital role to play as it shares a large border with Syria, where ISIS operates with near impunity.

  • People should feel safe to travel

    With the rising threats from ISIS supporters and suicide bombings, travelers and citizens of Istanbul should know that there are measures being taken to keep them safe. There should be procedures in place to routinely be checking for threats to travelers. Travelers should also be forewarned of possible threats, so that they can make informed decisions prior to travel. There also needs to be something in place so that when ISIS supporters are recognized, they are placed on a wanted list for questioning.

  • Sadly, it has all come down to this for protection

    Sadly, as ISIS makes its name and demands well known, and now choosing to show force in areas where there are many vulnerable people, security needs to become the new highlight for Istanbul, and quite frankly, the world. It appears that Istanbul is now a very vulnerable place, and ISIS is looking at weakening it as they continue to bring horror to the tourists and natives of the country. It is a world of violent crime and it's time they followed up and heighten security.

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