Sega Saturn still playable online today: Was the Sega Saturn the best gaming console on the market at the time of its release?

  • Genius is never recognized in its time

    Higher specs than Playstation and N64 wasn't a 32-bit console. Nights and VF2 were the best games of their gen and the Saturn had the best full library when you factor in the JP games. Sega botched the western release. Bad business sank the saturn in the west, not the console itself which is a brilliant gaming machine.

  • Sega Saturn was the superior console of its time

    Being released in 1994 Sega Saturn was the revolutionary game system of that time. It had great comparable to that time specs including 16 Mbit of work RAM, a 14.3 MHz DSP, and 8 total processors of 28.6 MHz maximum output. It had all the top capabilities including generating sprites, textures and polygons. Compared to the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 it used quadrilaterals instead of triangles. Some say that it is on the same level if not higher in terms of computing as the other systems of its time. It also has a vast game library dear to the hearts of the nineties gamers.

  • No, I don't believe the Sega Saturn was the best gaming console when released

    When the Sega Saturn gaming console was released in 1994, there were other gaming consoles on the market that had better name recognition, i.e. Nintendo, Sony Play Station, and I always felt like Sega was not much of a competitor up against the other two named video game console giants.

  • It was not the best gaming console

    The Sega Saturn was not the best console on the market during its release. This is evident by its failure to sell and be successful. It could not match up to the Playstation in any way. It may have been more powerful than the Playstation in some ways but it was still not as good.

  • No, the Sega Saturn was not the best game system released at the time.

    Unfortunately for the Sega Saturn, the Sony Playstation was released at the same time. The Playstation had a wider range of games that overshadowed the offerings of the Saturn. The controllers were also easier to learn and use than the Saturn's controller. As someone that owns both systems, while I enjoy the Saturn, it was not the best system at the time of its release.

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