• Friends was comedy done great, Seinfeld was comedy as it had never been before.

    Friends has eternal appeal for 20 somethings, But Seinfeld appeals to the cynic in all of us. By not relying on narrative like Friends, It has been able to become timeless, Whereas Friends is somewhat dated. Seinfeld’s characters, Writing, And episodes are immortal. Friends is like Beethoven’s fifth, The one everyone knows, And is backed up with excellence. Seinfeld, However is like the 9th, The true masterpiece that outstrips everything else. Seinfeld wins fairly easily for me.

  • Who doesn't like Seinfeld?

    I have one very great reason and a reason that makes all reasons futile. A reason so great that i have to keep saying that to make the amount of words on a website for debating and that great reason is as follows and i quote to all of you now, NO SOUP FOR YOU

  • Seinfield IS Funnier

    Funny things give joy and that's where it's at my dudes. On the other hand Friends is sad and really depressing so I don't like. Comedy is golden that's what I gotta say. Friends is not comedy it's too complex. I need to fill up words so here ya go.

  • Are you kidding? You must have never seen very much of either show!

    You're basically comparing apples and oranges here, but I'll vote anyway.

    Seinfeld is a comedy written by comedians. The episodes are very loosely connected. It's entertaining because of the multiple non-linear story arcs the writers have to juggle and the fact that the ending is always absurd. There are absolutely no heartfelt or serious moments in Seinfeld. It's designed to be as funny as possible as often as possible. Some of the most memorable moments were created by the actors on-the-spot during their performances.

    Friends, on the other hand, is heavily-scripted and is much more a drama than a comedy. Where Seinfeld had SNL rejects Larry David and Julia Louis Dreyfus and Michael Richards from Fridays, absolutely none of the actors on Friends are comedians at all, and it's painfully obvious.

    There's just no contest. Seinfeld is far-and-away the winner. It's a massively influential TV show. Quite possibly the best ever made. It's an international hit that thrives to this day and is always playing somewhere at any time of day while the success of Friends is really limited to the USA and hasn't been on the air for over a decade.

    Seinfeld was clearly a labor of love and means so much more to so many more people than Friends could ever hope to. Friends was much more about driving ratings and the actors really started to phone it in as their salary per episode increased.

  • Most Classic Show on Earth

    If only they had this on netflix... The show is an absolute classic. Not as much drama as friends. The things that are on Seinfeld are just funnier and more rememberable, like the soup nazi or the car rental episode, just nothing can really beat it. Maybe its always sunny or the office could but it's still better than friends.

  • EEH, you're not giving me much of a choice here.

    I hate all 90s sitcoms, really. I like old sitcoms, like Sanford and Sons or whatever. But, if I had to pick between the two, I'd go with Seinfeld. This is a true classic. Jerry Seinfeld is a hilarious Jewish guy and his stuff is great. I don't celebrate Festivus but I've heard about it. This isn't just a sitcom, it's an American legacy. The intro where Jerry just does some stand up is great, and the theme song is killer. Way better than two cymbals and a drum. I've read Letters From a Nut, I've seen Bee Movie. I've never really watched this show, but I could get into it if I tried. Friends tries to be a soap opera when it's a sitcom. Also, too much sex and rich weirdos and stuff. Jerry is where it's at.

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  • Friends is a good show over all

    Now Friends and Seinfeld are both good representations of middle class life styles in the city. I believe Friends is a better tv show more because it has more social situation humor rather than stand up comedy type. Also the cast of friends is a younger looking group that people young and old can relate to. But Seinfeld has more humor centered to the more middle aged or older type because of its; as people would say "Dry Humor" its like coffee an augured taste. Were most situations go bad for the Humor, friends shows how they would act to a good mix of good or bad situations. In conclusion I believe Friends is more enjoyable of a 90's sitcom because of the realistic city life middle class situations and the constant humor from everyone.

  • Friends is the best

    Friends has been one of the most popular series in the uk and in America. It also is the funniest program I have ever watched. I loved Ross' little monkey. I have bought every single friends series. Also the friends theme tune is the most well known theme tune in my high school. I was in maths and we were given a test and I sang "no-one told me life was gonna be this way". And we all sat there humming to the theme tune all lesson. Kapiche. Kapow.

  • Friends oh ya

    Both are great television shows. Friends became a hit because the creative team focused very specifically on a point in people's lives – that point between living with your family and starting your own family, where your friends are your family. That just happens to be a key age demographic that advertisers seek. It didn't hurt that they put together a very charismatic cast. Each character was distinctive and likable (well, maybe not Ross) and the audience tuned in to see these people they liked in funny situations together. But from a distance, the writing itself doesn't dramatically stand out from other sitcoms.

  • Friends is way better than Seinfeld.

    I love both shows and I think they're both masterpieces. But there's no contest Friends beats Seinfeld by a long shot. It has interesting and complex characters. When I started watching the show I thought Ross, Phoebe, and Joey were just going to be one dimensional characters. But as the show went on they became more layererd and fascinating and at points they carried the whole show. Not that Chandler, Monica, and Rachel weren't good characters do. I also laughed and cried more watching Friends then I did Seinfeld. It was just more funny and more emotional. I'm sorry for any Seinfeld fans out there but Friends Rules, Seinfeld is Okay.

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frankfurter50 says2017-12-20T22:27:29.397
If Friends wins then the world is dead