Self-determination: Compensation for abuses - Should self-determination be offered to minority groups as compensation for past abuses?

  • Minority Groups Should Be Offered Self-Determination

    I think that it is only reasonable to offer minority groups likes Native Americans self-determination as compensation for past (and on-going) abuses. They should be able to govern themselves and make decisions that only impact their people. Self-determination would also assist Native Americans in preserving their culture, which is something many tribes are trying to do.

  • No. Minority groups should not be offered compensation for past abuses.

    No. Self-determination should not be used to compensate minorities for past abuses. Today's generation is bent on justifying compensation for abuses that happened 60 years ago in some cases. The youth of today's generation wasn't even alive when these things were going on, nor to they feel the same way as generations past. The idea of compensation for past abuses just starts more racial tension where there doesn't need to be any.

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