Selling stolen IPhones: Will Apple's new anti-theft tool make this a thing of the past?

  • Yes, it should

    Apple's new anti-theft rool should make stolen iPhones a thing of the past it as it renders them useless but this is only if it is activated by default. iPhones may still be stolen if it is not set by default as most people won't turn additional functions on when they get a new phone

  • Criminals will always find a new way around measures like this.

    Its great that Apple is implementing this new anti-theft tool. However it will only be a matter of time in my opinion before someone is able to make a program or app or code that will be able to void out this anti-theft tool. That seems to be the case with anything like this, we can put safety and security measures in place to prevent it but people will scheme and do whatever it takes in order to find ways around them in order to continue their illegal activities.

  • With technology improving, so will thieves.

    Apple may have adjusted there theft security and rightfully so, but if you look at the modern criminal and they way they are adjusting as well, Apple will need to look at least 10 years ahead to be ahead of the thieves minds. Technology improves and that's great, but so do thieves.

  • No, iPhone thefts will continue even with Apple's new anti-theft tool.

    Although the new iPhones have this anti-theft technology, mobile phones in general will continue to be stolen, and thieves may or may not know the model of the phone they are stealing. For example, a purse thief will not know whether their stolen item contains an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. Also, it is just a matter of time before someone figures out how to outsmart the anti-theft tool.

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