Sen. Cruz says Congress may block Supreme Court nominees indefinitely: Should Congress be given a time limit?

  • I agree that Congress should be given a limit of blocking the Supreme Court nominee.

    The Republican-led Congress is behaving like spoiled toddlers in regards to the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice. The Congress should be limited in the number of times they can block or hold up the election process of nominating a justice. This shows how the GOP is only concerned with contradicting everything President Obama says and does without regard for the American people or the institutions.

  • Yes, a block is a clear dereliction of duty.

    Yes, Congress should be given a time limit in deciding upon the President's nominee. While the Constitution is admittedly vague concerning the Supreme Court nomination process, it is illogical to believe that the Framers intended for Congress to indefinitely block a sitting president from nominating and filling an open seat. Congress is playing partisan politics and not fulfilling its duty under the constitution to aid the President in this action.

  • This is obstruction.

    In lieu of any good arguments or political talent, Ted Cruz has often shown himself willing to resort to childish tactics such as filibustering to prevent things he doesn't want to happen from coming to pass. This obstructive, time wasting and costly set of tactics should be called to a halt with a time limit.

  • Congress should not be given a time limit.

    Part of the balance of powers among the three branches of government involve the ability of Congress to reject nominations for the Supreme Court. When you make laws to end this, the balance will start to lean in the favor of one branch or another. The President could force a nominee who is unfit and Congress would not be able to say no.

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