Sen. McCain says without TPP trade agreement, economic power will shift to China: Should the U.S. have stayed with the TPP?

  • Exiting the TPP will benefit China no the U.S.

    Senator McCain is correct in saying that exiting the TPP will strengthen China's economy while weakening that of the U.S. The TPP was a beneficial pact that benefited the U.S. in so many ways other than labor. Now China is rumored to take our place in the pact and will benefit the rewards.

  • Yes, the move to pull out was ill informed.

    I don't know what Donald Trump was trying to improve by pulling out America from TPP trade agreement, but I can confidently say it was a bad move. Surely, it's not possible that America was not benefiting from TPP. America will loose a lot and as McCain said economic power will shift to China.

  • Yes, the U.S. should remain in TPP

    The United States should have stayed in the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a way to play a leadership role in the Asia-Pacific region. With America out of the trade pact, member countries will look to China for increased trade and economic cooperation. This will diminish America's influence in that part of the world.

  • No we shouldn't have

    The TPP was a one sided trade agreement that benefited China over the U.S., so how is getting rid of it going to help China and hurt the U.S? China looks after China's interests,. Russia looks after Russia's interests, everyone looks after their own separate interests, so it's time for the United States to start serving the United States interests.

  • It is better to put America first.

    America has spent far too long propping up the rest of the world. It's now better for the United States to spend their economic resources doing things that help the United States. Just because a country chooses to be isolationist economically doesn't mean that they can't also be an economic powerhouse.

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