Senator Elizabeth Warren on Bernie Sanders: Do you agree with her defense of him from Goldman Sachs criticism?

  • Yes, because Bernie Sander's rhetoric is not "anti-Wall Street."

    It is true that Sanders plans on taxing big business and the one percent more heavily, but not because the institution of Wall Street as a whole needs to be torn down. Rather, it is because of the growing gap between the common people (poor and middle class) and the elites. One tenth of one percent holding the same wealth as the bottom ninety percent, as Sanders has said, is not an economic state conducive to equality and genuine democracy.

  • Yes, I do agree with her defense of Bernie Sanders.

    Bernie Sanders has preached his message of a rigged economy since he joined congress. It is obvious that a lot of the financial meltdown in the late 2000's had to do with the big banks. Goldman Sachs played a large part in that. Senator Warren has been one of the biggest critics, just like Sanders, and I found it admirable that she boldly came to his defense.

  • I think she's right

    Corporate greed exists and there are a lot of those "too big to fail" entities that made and are making tons of money after helping trash the economy. Sanders and Warren have similar viewpoints on Wall Street, and it's certainly fine to criticize or go after big business on some issues. I don't think either Sanders or Warren are on a crusade.

  • Bernie Sanders is a Socialist

    I do not agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren's defense of Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders should not be defended. He is not someone that should be president of the United States, and he is not someone who should be in charge of this country's economy. In a nutshell, he is a socialist, and socialism does not work for this country.

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