Senator Sanders' campaign: Has Bernie been a game-changer this election year?

  • Yes, if the crime is severe enough and the evidence against the criminal is sufficient

    I think the danger with the death penalty is that it is possible to send innocent men and women to their deaths for something that they did not do. I think it is important to ensure that the death penalty is only reserved for individuals who have committed heinous crimes and who have sufficient evidence against them. Circumstantial evidence, for example, is not enough to sentence someone to death regardless of whether or not it was enough to get a conviction.

  • Yes, I think Senator Sanders has been a game changer this election year.

    I believe that Senator Bernie Sanders has been a game changer this election year because he has proven to be a major contender. He brings up a lot of political issues that the other candidates do not. Bernie Sanders also represents a group of voters that the other candidates do not.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders Is a Game-Changer

    Bernie Sanders has not been a typical Presidential candidate. He has whole-heartedly stood by his beliefs and his position without letting money and politics interfere with his message. In fact, his grass-roots campaign has not been backed by Super PACs, yet he is still in the race. He is unyielding, and continues to gain enough support to keep his momentum going through to the general election.

  • Yes, he has really resonated with independents and the younger generation.

    While Sanders hasn't received support from a lot of Democrats, he has definitely had a big impact on this election. He seems to have ignited the younger generation and a lot of independents. For the first time in years, it seems reasonable to suggest that there could be a third, or even fourth major party in U.S. politics. This is largely thanks to Sanders (and Donald Trump).

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