• Sleepy joe is dementic

    Sleepy joe is clearly suffering from alzheimers/dementia. He constantly stutters and flubs his words despite using a teleprompter. He moves in an awkward, Jittery manner. He has no coordination and cannot climb up stairs without tripping multiple times. He has fallen asleep on Live TV multiple times. Often times he does not know what he is talking about and he avoids unscripted speech (such as questions from the press unless its pre-approved softball "questions" planned in advance) And he avoids talking to the public and hides behind closed doors all the time.
    Ask an expert on age-related illnesses and he will tell you that joe is suffering from textbook symptoms of dementia. Joe biden is clearly unfit to be President. And he is not even acting as President anyway, He is being controlled by the radical left to push their communist agenda without poor ole joe being none the wiser.
    He likes to sniff little girls' hair and makes unwanted advances on young women. Dementia or not this is unprofessional and disgusting. If a Republican did it the press and the metoos would try their hardest to destroy his career, Why does joe get excused or even ignored for his behavior? Hypocritical, As usual for the left.

  • Cognitive decline? Yes. End-stage dementia? Not a chance.

    Joe Biden has not been diagnosed with any form of dementia.
    End-stage dementia is an advanced phase of dementia that occurs shortly before death.

    According to dementia. Org [1], End-stage dementia sufferers are characterised as "bedridden, Uncommunicative, And completely dependent on others for care. "

    As far as I can tell, Joe Biden can still stand up and talk. This precludes him having "end-stage dementia".

    Forgetfulness and somnolence are typical symptoms of the cognitive decline some undergo in old age. He has a stutter as well, Which exacerbates the speaking difficulties. His decline has been rapid over the past few years, And he may well be developing Alzheimer's, But it cannot be said for certain unless he is diagnosed by a physician.

    In regards to your remarks about softball interviews, I think that reflects more poorly on the media than it does Biden. All politicians want easy, Spoon-fed questions. The fact that the establishment American press is coddling Biden at pressers is a sad indictment of the failure of the Fourth Estate to hold power accountable.

    The hair-sniffing thing creeped me out too. I definitely believe Tara Reade.

    [1] https://www. Dementia. Org/end-stage-of-dementia

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