• Yes, but all marketing is.

    Sensory marketing is as simple as having the smell of cinnamon buns wafting through the mall as you walk by a coffee shop. It is fake, but it is effective. It is manipulative, but in effect all acts of advertising and marketing are manipulative. We are urged to buy everywhere we go.

  • All Marketing Is Manipulative

    Sensory Marketing is defined as a marketing scheme that engages a consumer through senses. It affects their perception, judgment, and behavior. It is generally considered to affect mood and perception. All marketing is manipulative and assuming otherwise is foolish. It would seem that sensory marketing is even more manipulative than common marketing is.

  • It is progress.

    No, sensory marketing is not manipulative, it is simply the cutting edge of marketing. Sensory marketing is just like visual marketing. It is a way of making a person know about a product or want a certain product that they might not have wanted otherwise. Keep blowing popcorn smells into the movie theater.

  • No, sensory marketing isn't manipulative.

    I do not think that sensory marketing it manipulative. I think that when you think about it, all forms of marketing are manipulative. I think that sensory marketing is just another form of marketing like the rest. It all depends on how the individual is willing to be marketed to and if they're will to buy a product.

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