Sentenced 50 Years for Animal Cruelty: Should there be stronger punishment for animal violence?

  • Animals have hearts!

    How can anyone say that committing a cruel act to an animal may be destruction of property. Would these be the same people that think that a defenseless child has no rights? We cannot let any creature on this earth suffer from the hands of humans that feels their superior being would constitute abuse to an animal that can't speak or defend themselves.

  • Animal violence predicts violence against people

    It really depends on the circumstance and what is considered animal cruelty. For instance, if you keep a pet chained up for long periods, yes it is cruel, but not worth 50 years. However, if you beat an animal or subject if to harm just for fun, then a longer sentence would apply. People who physically harm animals have a greater chance of hurting people eventually. Might as well put them away for a longer time for the animal cruelty and maybe save a person.

  • Abolish punishment for animal violence.

    Animal violence isn't a crime if it's done to animals that the person doing it owns. Otherwise, it's destruction of property.
    If anyone whines about what he does, they are free to not watch it. You have to specifically look for that kind of thing.
    It's the same with pornography. You have to go looking to find it.

  • No, Jail sentences for longer periods of time only perpetuate private jails.

    50 Years for animal cruelty is absurdly over the top. Perhaps 10 years might be a more suitable penalty, I do not agree with animal cruelty, and it is a terrible thing to do, but the fact that people get more sentences it just perpetuates the need for corporate jails to continue to operate and filling up instead of giving people that need treatment a better path to re-integrate to society. Not just locking them up, that just makes money for the companies that own jails.

  • There should not be stronger punishment for animal violence

    Any way you look at it, 50 years for animal cruelty is a stiff penalty. Almost punitive, especially when one considered that the sentence for some forms of murder are far less than those for some cases of animal cruelty. While animals hold a special place in out hearts, and punishments are necessary, 50 years is a bit overblown.

  • No, there does not need ot be a stronger penalty of animal violence

    No, there should not be a strong punishment for animal violence. No one should be sentenced to 50 years in prison for animal cruelty. Animals are not people. Even though animal violence may suggest that a person may commit crimes against other people, this is not the same as animals should be regarded as people under the law.

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