Serbia deports Russians involved in plot. Is this a conflict the US should become involved in?

  • Yes it is.

    Yes it is. I believe this is very true. The United States should be involved in this conflict. Being the Super Powers, we have to give the solution to such conflict to avoid wars among such countries. Therefore if Serbia deports that Russians are involved in a plot, then there is something true about it.

  • Not the US's matter

    We have enough of our own problems right now we shouldn't be concerned with international affairs unless it has a direct effect on us. We have national debt, unjust national riots, and corrupt business and politics we need to fix. The last thing we need to be worrying about it something that doesn't concern us. America needs to get its head straight before we go mess in International affairs.

  • No, we already have Trump to deal with.

    We already have enough on our hands to deal with, like debt and taxes and, worst of all, the freaking Cheetos puff we elected as president. You know, the guy who wants to jail women who get abortions even if they're raped, the guy who thinks gay people should go through shock therapy, the guy who brags about how since he's a star he can do anything he wants to women. We don't need anything else on our hands, government. We shouldn't have to worry about what goes on in other countries when we are doing pretty bad ourselves.

  • No, it is not.

    The US needs to stop getting involved in conflicts that it does not understand. The best thing to do would be to allow others to support militarily, and to lend support and aid to people who have been displaced because of this conflict. Other forms of support will only cause further discord.

  • No, Russia and Serbia should take care of this conflict by themselves.

    America has a long history of becoming involved in conflicts that, when viewed in the lens of history, were not wise for us to become entangled with. The Iraq War is a good example. During the last three decades, American military spending has grown into a military-industrial complex. The expansion of military spending, in turn, creates another need: to direct this spending to conflicts and wars. The American government created, and then entered, the Iraq War in 2003, and has been there ever since. Iraq subsequently became dependent on American aid and military training to create a new democratic government and build up its military. The same situation could arise elsewhere if America continues to involve itself in world conflicts. The Serbian deportation of Russians who were allegedly involved in a planned attack on Montenegro is a regional affair that does not appear to require American involvement. The Serbian and Russian governments should handle this by themselves.

  • I don't think the U.S. should become involved in this.

    I think that the U.S. should limit it's involvement in certain plots concerning Russia. The situation in Syria has potential to escalate and we need to avoid conflicts as much as possible. Allow Serbia to deal with Russian plots as they wish but the U.S. should not become involved at this time.

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