• Serbia is #1 country

    Serbia is good and BEST and #1 country IN WORLD! Bosnia is stinky and stupid and nasty! Obviously Serbia is better, We have better guns than bosnia and we are simply better than them! Any normal person would tell you how stupid bosnia is and how Serbia is best country and good country and the #1 country IN WORLD!

  • Bosnia big gay

    We have alot more better army and stuffi in general, Proof is here https://www. Indexmundi. Com/factbook/compare/serbia. Bosnia-and-herzegovina. I won't say anything more than this because all the proof you need on this site right here, If any bosnian claims otherwise they are just in their own world and think their country is the best in the world

  • Bosnians aren't very nice people

    Bosnians aren't nice, like Mirza who is a not nice not nice bosnian man. He is very not nice, his not niceness is acerbically progonstical in it's eminent obviousness, directing us to the logical and intriguing conclusion that Mirza the bosnian is in fact not a very nice bloke. Yep.

  • Serbian Artillery Is Guided By God

    You Bosnians, you cannot claim to have God guide missiles to hit your homeland! God is a Serb, proven many times by expert scientists across the world. He uses His power in order to smite you heathen islamic chetnik gang Bosnians. Our hand will reach you even in Sarajevo. Beograd, Smederevo, Novi Sad i Kraljevo, every soldier is a good fellow. Karadzic will lead the serbs, they are not afraid of anything! Don't touch our country, from Krajina, the Wolves are coming. Be afraid, fascists and Turks!

  • Bosnia is much better than Serbia

    Bosnians are multi-racial and multi-religious. They are a very diverse group of people who respect each other and respect others.

    Serbia on the other hand is a very racist, discriminating country to anybody who is not Christian and White. They're also mass murderers who believe that they were just in the collapse of Yugoslavia even though they massacred over 100,000 people.

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