Serena Williams: Does Williams' victory at the US Open cement her place as the greatest player in women's tennis history?

  • Time To Give Serena her props!

    Serena Williams has shown consistency and tenacity throughout her career. She rebounds from losses and has triumphed more than most. The field is far more competitive now than 30 years ago. She truly deserves the title of The Greatest Female Tennis Player in History, hands down. She has ruled the sport of tennis!

  • Yes, the victory at the US open cements Serena Williams place as the greatest player in women's tennis history.

    To be named as one of the greatest players in any sport, one has to show great skills, talent and consistency. Serena Williams has shown all of these traits throughout her professional tennis career. Right from the time they began playing tennis with her sister Venus Williams, Serena Williams have been world number 1 player in singles on six separate occasions.

  • Serena Is The Greatest of All Time

    In tennis as in other sports, it is almost impossible to compare athletes of different eras. Tennis technology has changed over the decades, particularly the rackets, which makes it even harder to make comparisons. But Serena Williams has been dominant. Even Martina Navritilova had Chris Evert and Steffi Graf had Monica Seles. Serena has no equal.

  • Yes. With this win Serena Williams is the greatest player in women's tennis history

    I believe Serena Williams is the greatest player in women's tennis history because of this win at the US Open. Throughout her career she has been so consistent and showed great sportsman ship. She is a good role model for young girls interested in tennis and all female athletes around the world.

  • Her victory does not make her the best

    Her victory does not make Serena Williams the best. This is because there is always another person that will come along to break a record, there are forgotten records long-past, and she might be beaten another day when a competitor just has strength, grace, and good luck on her side.

  • Anyone's victory, doesn't prove they're the best.

    In my opinion, a great player is someone that is truly amazing on and off the court. Of course wins are important, but they do not determine the "best". The "best", to me, is someone that will be remembered after 50 years have gone and all the statistics are gone.

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