Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin executed. Do you believe this was just punishment for his crimes?

  • Yes, but there are more worthy candidates for death

    That it took THIS long to put him down is troublesome. Id think Lee Boyd Malvo (the other DC sniper) ought to get it, as should John Walker Lindh (American Taliban), Nathaniel Brazille (murdered his teacher) and a whole host of others.

    Once guilt has been determined in the case of murder, rape or pedophilia, the condemned should be afforded one single appeal within the year. No stays, nothing - once this has been exhausted, he or she ought to be executed immediately and on live television.

  • Yes I do

    Yes I do. This was one evil dude. He killed 22 people that we know about and potential more that have gone unsolved. He killed children simply because they happen to be African American. I am typically against the death penalty because our legal system tends to produce an unsettling percentage of false convictions. However, in this case, I say good riddance to bad rubbish...

  • He had it coming

    He was a serial killer he murdered people probably for fun you don't get to go around killing people and expect to walk away if you have killed innocent people in cold blood then you deserve to die. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Believe it or not you know its right

  • He's a cold blooded killer and deserved to die.

    I have no compassion for murderers. What he did was absolutely horrifying, not to mention sick and disgusting. His punishment was just and to anyone who disagrees: Would you want him dead if he killed your family? I guarantee you would. Actually, no, scratch that, his punishment was not fair. He should have been tortured to the point of near death, then executed in the worst way possible.

  • Yes,obviously there is no reason to keep him to stay alive.

    He killed people,and it's not fair to keep him alive while he took other's lives,although killing him won't bring back the people he killed,at least it would be fair for the loved ones of the victims, besides that imprisonment would not work for a serial killer,because he obviously suffers some serious mental issues and seems to enjoy killing people,and nothing will change him or change the fact that he took someone's life.

  • Yes of course.

    After what that idiot did. That was punishment for his crimes. He looks like a crazy old wizard. He killed 22 innocent people because he had race problems. He enjoyed the Ku Klux Klan and Nazism. He hated Blacks and Jews. That bum deserved death. He also killed whites for associating with blacks. What a crazy fool.

  • Serial Killer: Obvious Decision...

    There is no argument to be made for monsters. If you take a life while acting out of violence (not self defense) then you should be given the same fate as the one you murdered. There's really no excuse to spare his life. He got what he deserved. Thanks for listening.

  • No Matter How Bad His Crimes Were...

    I do not believe that putting Joseph Paul Franklin to death is the best way to deliver justice. I am aware of the fact this guy ended a lot of lives (and probably many more that we don't know about yet), but at the end of the day, does his execution really mean anything? I mean, sure he's dead, but his death won't bring back the people he killed or take away the pain he caused the loved ones of his victims. To be honest, the death penalty as a whole is tribal and antiquated. The phrase "a life for a life" (or whatever variation) is meaningless. To look at it from my perspective, his death is just one more death. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • No. Nada. Nope.

    He should have been beaten within an inch of his life. Broken and just slowly tortured. He should have experienced something far worse. Tortured until he was bleeding and broken and then finally executed. Painfully. No method of execution could make him suffer enough pain to make up for what he did. Especially murdering people based on their race.

  • We become no better than him.

    Of course what he did was abominable, but by killing him we become the same as him, killers, complicit in murder. The justice system should be a way to make people realise what they have done is wrong, if we kill them they have no possibility of doing such a thing.

  • Serial killer meaning....

    Serial killer means a killer that has not only killed one person but a lot of people and got away. The punishment should I think be spread to the families, because he did many harsh crimes, including killing., like I said it should be spread to the serial killer's family

  • I think this wasn't a punishment for his crimes.

    I believe that it was another crime to take the life of other humans.
    Do any body think that kill with " justification" is right? When, the life
    Of other human being is taken away is a crime. Any one that think this is ok
    Think of some one of your family in that situation would you think the same?...

  • He should have been tortures to death.

    I know nothing about this guy, or how many people he killed. I believe anybody who takes another man's life for any reason other than self defense is not worth keeping around as a part of society. Kill him. His presence is unwanted. Dispose of him. But if he's a SERIAL killer, that's another thing. He obviously likes killing people, otherwise he wouldn't be killing people. I'm guessing he got the lethal injection? Well, duuhh...But he should've been thrown on the electric chair. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. He deserves nothing less than the most painful death. Therefore, yes, his punishment was unjust. It was not a big enough punishment.

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