Seth Curry signed with the Dallas Mavericks. Will he be a good signing?

  • Yes, Mavericks and Curry will win big

    Seth Curry will make a fine contribution to the Mavericks. He averages a 45 percent accuracy on 3-pointerers. The odds are in the favor of whichever team takes him that every other shot he takes will sink them points. Curry is not a player to trifle with, and my opinion is that he will only get better as he becomes more and more seasoned.

  • Seth Curry will be a success with the Dallas Mavericks

    Seth Curry is a talented basketball player who has flown under the radar his whole career. Having a more prominent role on a successful team like the Dallas Mavericks will allow him to show that his older brother Steph isn't the only Curry with prolific shooting ability. His breakout season with the Sacramento Kings in 2015-16, is just a hint of what is to come.

  • Depends on several factors

    Mavericks fans certainly hope so, and the coaching staff and franchise are investing quite a bit in Curry. Curry may prove to be the 'missing link' the team needs. Curry could also step out in week two of training and break his ankle, rendering him useless for at least one season. The NFL, among many sports, is violent and there are so many factors that noone can foresee.

  • Yes, Seth Curry will be a good signing for the Dallas Mavericks

    Yes, Seth Curry will be a good signing for the Dallas Mavericks. he is a quality player who will contribute a great deal to the team. No one can claim that he is not a good player so the Dallas Mavericks are lucky to have him. Yes, he is a good signing.

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