SETI is investigating a possible extraterrestrial signal from deep space. Do you believe there is alien life?

  • Alien life is there

    It may not be close to us, and it may take many lifetimes before contact is made, but alien life is out there. It's kind of silly to think that humans only evolved on Earth. If there are planets with conditions that allow life, evolution may well have occurred, or is going to occur.

  • Yes, I believe there is alien life.

    Yes, I believe there is alien life in deep space. If it is possible for humans to thrive on Earth, it must be possible for other creatures to thrive on other planets. It is ignorant to believe us humans are the only advanced species in all of the universe to live.

  • Yes, but not as we think.

    Yes, I believe there is alien life. However, I do not believe that aliens are little green men. I believe that there are people on other planets somewhere in outer space, but that they would mostly look like us. I also don't believe in most supposed alien encounters. I think they are mostly hoaxes or misunderstandings.

  • Where is the proof?

    Aliens may live in other places however always to us we are the only living creatures otherwise there would be a second earth?
    If that is true then why are we alone and why is there no aliens to find us yet? If they would be real we would be dead by now as it is the Fermi paradox.

  • There is no proof of alien life

    There is no proof there is alien life. SETI is investigating a possible extraterrestrial signal from deep space, but we have yet to discover another planet that is hospitable to life of any kind. There have been many planet discoveries, and not one has shown any signs of life. Science suggests this will remain the case.

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