Seven out of ten people now view Trump unfavorably. Will Hillary win in a landslide?

  • Hillary is poised to win against Trump

    Donald Trump swept in to the Republican nomination on a wave of bigotry and showmanship that took everyone by surprise...especially those in the Republican establishment. However, it seems that Trump's time in the sun is coming to a close: his approval ratings have declined immensely as people realize what they're getting into and determine that Hillary Clinton, while not an ideal choice, is at least better than a Trump presidency. This means that Clinton will win without much of a fight.

  • Might make history

    The general election in November may wind up writing history, with Hillary Clinton winning my the largest margin ever recorded. The rate at which Donald Trump is running his mouth will have the Presidency handed to Hillary on a silver platter. Trump has lost all hope at winning this election.

  • Yes, she will win by a large margin.

    The people who support Donald Trump are very loud. This disguises the fact that they are not an overwhelming percentage of the population. Clinton has far more supporters or at least far more people who will choose her over Trump. Barring a factor like an independent candidate who splits the left, it will be a landslide victory.

  • No, Hillary will not win in a landslide.

    Yes, Donald Trump has a high unavailability rating. Hillary, however, is also unpopular when it comes to Republicans and many Independents. Many believe that if there is one person that can unite the Republican Party, it is probably Hillary. She will face a less-than-excited Democratic electorate; just like many Republicans won't be that excited about voting for Trump. In short, this election will come down to which side can turnout their voters.

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