Severe late week snowstorm threat: Do meteorologists try to predict snow storms too early?

  • Predicted snowstorm was a bust!

    Yes, I believe meteorologists try to predict snow storms too early. The attempt made by these professionals is not done without their hearts being in the right place. Their jump on these predictions is to only ensure the population has the warning they need to make sure they are prepaed and not caught off guard.

  • Meteorologists should be more cautious

    I think the public demands a lot from weather reporters on TV or on the Internet, they expect the previsions to always be right, and when there's a big storm, it's the fault of the meteorologist if they are late to work or if they have to plow their driveway.

  • Forewarned is Forearmed

    Meteorologists are not trying to predict snow storms too early. It is important information that can greatly affect those in the area where the storm is predicted. Even if the meteorologists are wrong and the storm does not take place, people in the affected area should understand that it is not an exact science and it is better to be prepared than taken unawares.

  • Can always update

    The weather predictions can always be updated later in the week. Giving a few days notice on snow storms, or severe weather in general, is not a bad thing. Considering how we can look outside at the weather ourselves, there would not be much to talk about regarding the weather if the meteorologists were not making predictions.

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