Sex education: Abstinence only - Should abstinence only the only view that should be taught?

  • Yes, abstinence is the only way.

    There are entirely to many children having babies in the world today. The only way to fix this is through abstinence. These children need to be taught to never have sex until they are married. This is the only way to stop all of these teenage pregnancies. It is a vicious sexual cycle.

  • Abstinence Education... But not abstinence only.

    I understand the view of abstinence only education. During sex-ed it needs to be drilled into these kids' head that the only way to fully and completely prevent pregnancy & STDs is to not have sex. Once you have sex, even if protected, you have just opened up the possibility for pregnancy and/or STDs. It is an uncomfortable truth in this age of "do what you want" so we would rather just tell our teens how to have safe sex instead of encouraging them to hold off until they are older and more responsible. BUT... Any reasonable person knows that some teens are going to do it and even if they want to be abstinent they may end up in a situation where they break that vow to their self. Others are going to decide to be sexual regardless so better to inform them on how to try to prevent the disease or pregnancy before they start. In any case, I don't think any type of sex-ed is helping prevent these issues.

  • Teen pregnancies are lower in the U.S. than they've ever been since 1975.

    You know what they mostly taught back then up until not too long ago? Abstinence-only.

    States who use comprehensive sex education have the lowest percentage of teen pregnancies, while states with the most abstinence-only programs are have the highest percentage in teen pregnancies. Abstinence only programs simply do not work.

  • Abstinence-only programs hold no effect whatsoever.

    You have to know how teens work. Abstinence can encourage them to have sexual intercourse, because they tend to want to feel rebellious. This is how they learn lessons and discover what THEY believe.
    Also, they need to know how to stay safe, so when they do have sex (whether as a teen or as an adult) they know how to not get pregnant, or how it works, or not get sexually transmitted diseases.
    Abstinence-only programs is a noneducational program. Because you aren't teaching them anything.

  • Sometimes Abstinence Simply Encourages Teens

    When you were a teenager, what were the things you most wanted to do? The ones that adults said you can't do until you're older. Smoking, drinking, driving and sex are all things young teenagers want to do simply because they are forbidden by their parents. Teaching abstinence-only is foolhardy because kids will just want to engage in that activity even more because it is disallowed. Instead, schools should go in the opposite direction. Have free condoms, free pregnancy tests and free diapers to give away. When teens realize the adults are encouraging sex, that will be the last thing on their minds.

  • Abstinence only should not be the only view taught in school.

    Abstinence only should not be the only view taught in school.It's inevitable that a certain percentage of teenagers will experiment with sex and it's just better that they know to protect themselves if necessary.Abstinece only is just a naive approach that will never work in the real world of teenage lust.

  • No, students need information.

    No, abstinence is not the only way that sex education should be taught, because students need a variety of information. Students do not need to be told to have sex at a young age, but it would be helpful to give them information about the possibility of consequences for their actions.

  • I don’t think that abstinence only is the only view that should be taught in schools.

    I don’t think that abstinence only is the only view that
    should be taught in schools. I know that
    this is what it’s preferred by the church, but this is not what the kids
    need. We need to be realistic. These kids need to be taught how to properly use
    a condom.

  • Abstinence only is insufficient

    Teacher teens an abstinence only sex education programs does the a disservice. If teens choose to conduct themselves in sexual relationships, they should have the knowledge of how to fully protect themselves from pregnancy and STDs. Abstinence only makes teens feel dirty or wrong for having sexual urges and does nothing to teach them methods to protect themselves.

  • How will they learn what is what?

    Abstinence is a good lesson to learn and abide by, however, how will teens learn what to do to protect, what to expect, or anything else about sex? Most parents are embarrassed to talk to their kids about sex, I know I am. When we only teach abstinence, we are teaching them that its all there is. With hormones and their bodies changing, they are going to be curious. Most teens learn about sex on the street and many of them end up pregnant, raped, contracting an STD, or even worse, they can taught that sex is brutal and would never do it again. Sex should be had after marriage but at least give our teens the information that they require to make that decision for themselves.

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