Sex education: Should children be given sex education in schools?

  • I agree on this

    A lot of kids don't have good parents that are role models , that why its good to have sex education at schools. They need to learn this stuff , it important Plus when they enter high school there going to learn biology which includes studies of the human bodies and sex.

  • Children should be given sex education in schools.

    Children should be given sex education in schools. Too many young teens are ending up pregnant because they did not know how to properly protect themselves from getting pregnant. Also, many teenagers end up with sexually transmitted diseases- not because they were stupid, but because they did not know how to protect themselves.

  • Innocent kids shouldn't be taught this.

    They don't necessarily have to be taught by the school its the parents choice.They can teach it at home if they want or not at all. Such little kids shouldn't be taught this maybe at a higher level. Kids get grossed out specially getting taught with the whole class . This encourages teenage moms

  • No, children do not need sex education in schools.

    Children really don't need to receive sex-education in schools, because this is a topic their parents can talk to them about. Each family has different beliefs about the topic, and a school has more basic information about it. Parents can offer age-appropriate information as the topic comes up and the child becomes curious. Additionally, students often get very embarrassed in mixed-gender courses on the topic. It makes sense to have this be something that is handled by parents at home.

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