Sex Trafficking Arrests in Idaho: Do authorities do enough to help victims of sex trafficking?

  • I think they do their best

    I think authorities do the best they can to stop sex trafficking. There are limited resources and knowledge, and the sex traffickers are smart and stay hidden very well. Most people don't even know what to look for and don't recognize sex trafficking when they see it. Authorities need to make sure police officers know what they are looking for and need to teach the public tips on how to spot something out of the ordinary and how to report it.

  • Authorities do not do enough for victims of sex trafficking.

    In my opinion, I do not believe that authorities do enough to help the victims of sex trafficking. Sex workers, in general, are viewed as some sort of stain on society's white shirt. As a whole, the authorities included, tend to be more reactive than proactive. This is extremely debilitating to the true efforts of grassroots campaigns all across the United States who are putting in relentless amounts of energy and time, in an attempt to help sex trafficking victims.

  • I don't think so

    Sex trafficking is more widespread that it should be. I think the authorities try to do as much as they can, but it's basically a form of human slavery. And the fact that 15 people were just arrested in Idaho, is both good (because hopefully those folks were stopped) and bad (because it means there were probably a lot more involved and it's become a pretty serious problem).

  • They look the other way.

    Law enforcement has made it clear that they are only looking out for themselves and for their own pensions. Authorities know that there are many victims that suffer in sex trafficking every single day. However, the union contract says they only have to work eight hours, so law enforcement just puts in their time and goes home.

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