• It is wrong unless both parties are consenting

    If both parties are consenting, And contraceptives are being used, Then there is no problem with them fulfilling their sexual desires. While I am personally against sex before marriage, I know that it is very common and I have no issue with others doing it. Within marriage, Though, It would be wrong for one party to not feel any pleasure or happiness from having sex with their partner (there may be some underlying issue if this is the case. . . )

  • It is wrong

    Sex is part of love, The want to do it is built when you have feelings for someone, You are mentally and physically attracted to them, You value them, Enjoy their company and care for them.

    If you want sex for fun it is better to masturbate or watch porn.
    If you have a sexual friend (friends with benefits) you may catch feelings with them.
    Sex without love has no meaning, It's like jumping on a trampoline

  • Let's put it this way.

    We live in a society where you can draw a crowd for a woman stripping off in a striptease show. Does this not show that there's something wrong with the way we view sex? Yes, Sex is a natural desire, But so is food. If we lived in a society where you could draw a crowd of people in a theatre by bringing a plate on stage and slowly lifting the cover to show it contained a chop of beef, Wouldn't you think something had gone wrong with the way we viewed our appetitite for food? Surely the way we see sex is similar? Sex is a wonderful thing but only when it's emotionally meaningful and actually represents something more than just mindless pleaure-seeking.

  • We have sex drive, No issues there.

    We simply have sex drive, Sex is not something we do out of love only, We do it for joy, And this is not wrong. I think people should not be looked upon differently if they choose to hook up and part ways, Just for the sake of pleasure and having such an experience. The more we restrict our personal life, The less we'll be able to let go of stress. I think it is important though, That there is clarity that it's a one-time thing. If someone falls for someone else and hooks up, Just to find them gone again in the morning that's just painful. Well, My point stands I guess. What do you think about the subject?

  • Sex is sex

    I think most people have had meaningless sex before it's no big deal as long as it's consentual and safe. Sex without lovecan be fun and exciting especially when your new to it. I love sex and i love sex with my bf but i can do hookups too so yeah.

  • Sex for pleasure is acceptable. No third parties are hurt.

    Particularly if taking contraceptives, Sex for pleasure has no damage to other persons while being pleasurable for oneself.

    Thinking that sex has to have a 'meaning' of some sort is an outdated philosophy, Or one pushed by religious people to hijack the human body, Human entertainment, And human pleasure from its rightful owners, Humans.

  • M e h

    Sex without emotions is completely ok as long as both parties are ok with it
    Ever heard of a one night stand? It is done to reach sexual desires.
    It isn't conducted to form a relationship or care for them. It is conducted to orgasm and have a good time.
    It doesn't hurt anyone does it?

    And as a person who had a friend with benefits I will have to disagree on that point.
    I did not "catch any feelings" for her and she didn't catch any for me. We were simply very horny. XD

    That's like saying "running for fun is wrong, You must only run if something is chasing you or you are chasing something" :/

  • What is love?

    Love is one word that we attribute to a hundred different situations. Realistically, Sex is no more than the gratification of the physiological desire to reproduce. And of course us inventive humans have come up with a multitude of methods to achieve a state of satisfaction and we do not necessarily need a partner and we certainly do not need "love".

  • Sex is very different from making LOVE

    Having sex is a type of sexual release, Making love is a purpose to strengthen a relationship or marriage with the means of displaying affection towards your partner, Sex is just short-term affection or attraction between two individuals, They don't have to necessarily show any type of emotion throughout the act

  • Keep your body clean!

    I'm sure hoping you all have not had you know what but what does the authority say about things like this. Does it says go and destroy your body and do as you please or does it say that you are not to have you know what outside of marriage. I'm not trying to sound harsh but don't DO IT and I don't care how hot he/she is.

    God bless ya

    ( coming from a 20 year old)

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ladiesman says2018-11-13T17:34:55.653
People have sexual relationships because of emotional attraction, That appears to be the primary reason. Physical attraction might be a secondary reason, But it seems to be moving up to the primary range in today's society. Casual sex and one-night stands are much more common today than they were before the sexual revolution of the 1960s. When two parties consent to a casual sexual relationship, Does one or both intend to develop an emotional attachment? Just a thought.
ladiesman says2018-11-13T21:13:35.167
Another thought: Is sex itself the emotional connection between two individuals, Or does the pre-existing connection lead to the sexual relationship?

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