Sex without Love is definitely better than No Sex. . .

  • Yes it is, But that is not the best situation.

    While sex without love is better than no sex at all, It is not the best situation. Love without sex is better than no love at all. Sex with love ( or love with sex ) is the best situation to be in. Try it and you might just find it to be great,

  • Sex without love is objectification

    Im catholic so I believe that sex is meant to bring one man and one woman together in the covenant of marriage as well as create new life if you just have sex with someone because it is fun than you are using that person’s body to please your own disiers it is incredibly wrong not to mention evil

  • No, And believing this tends to lead to objectification of individuals

    I would have to infer that by arguing that "sex without love" is better than "no sex", The argument simultaneously could be made that sex is an incentive to love, Which in my opinion is quite backwards and degrading of any sentiment to recognize the inherent dignity of a person. Erotic love cannot become the objective of a relationship because it has proven to be an unsustainable means of maintaining said relationship. The true variable that can determine whether or not a relationship will sustain itself is the presence of love outside of the realm of sexuality in a selfless form, Known in ancient Greek philosophy as "agape". While erotic love certainly can be an aspect of a loving relationship, It cannot be the defining feature of it. Because erotic love in modern times is perceived to be the ultimate form of connection with another individual, Divorce rates have risen in the U. S. Since the 1950s and the single motherhood rate has risen dramatically over the past 100-120 years. This myth that sex is an object that should be the main goal of having a relationship with someone instead of agape is extremely dangerous and would likely lead to a net sense of unhappiness amongst any community. I say this because I believe that both sides of this debate can stipulate that nobody likes to be objectified unless perhaps they've provided consent to be objectified with a clear conscience. Now obviously not all loving relationships have an aspect of erotic love, But for the sake of this debate, I assume that we are speaking on sexual relationships and their relation to love.

    Remove sex as the object of a relationship with an individual you find attractive, Replace it with agape as a means of achieving "pragma", Another ancient Greek philosophical term meaning enduring love, And then you are no longer actively objectifying that individual by only seeking sex from them.

    In my opinion, The argument that "sex without love" is better than "no sex" encourages objectification of the bodies, Sexual organs, And other erotically emotionally stirring aspects of individuals. This is certainly not something that will cause a net benefit to the relationship between the two individuals and likely will result in an eventual termination of said relationship. This explains why the term "one night stand" exists and the promotion of this idea that sex is what you should only seek in a relationship with an individual is inherently dangerous to society.

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Shamayita says2020-12-06T04:01:14.047
When love and sex both happens, Then it's a position/situation to be in.

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