• Sexy outfit on tweens

    I agree with whatever they like to wear. It's important to feel sexy and loved and what better way to see young girls dress up cute and sexy to show their beauty and figure. I seen one girl with her mom and she would of been 12 maybe 13 and her dress was short and had cut design down the side that showed skin. That was nice and I must say she looked pretty and sexy

  • Don't limit their freedom

    The choice of clothes is related to personal freedom and limiting tween's choice of clothing is not going to motivate them. They are born in the modern era and have modern choices. Imposing choices that do not suit their lifestyle can have negative results. So, Tweens must have freedom with regard to their choice of fashion.

  • It's modern and stylish

    It's modern and stylish, and if that makes them comfortable or confident, so let it be. Just let them dress whatever they want, as long as they have SOME limits. Shirts who show a little bit of belly are ok if that's what "sexy" means in this context. Stop with the "working for the future" stuff, because that's just lame. It doesn't mean that wearing up to date and stylish clothes is going to ruin anyone's future. Let them be them.

  • You're a teacher

    WHAT!?! Minors should be working for their future, not wearing provocative clothes for sick teachers like you to stare at. I'm not of age to have kids yet, but this is an eye opener, I now know that for the safety of my future children, I need a private tutor.

  • Of course not!

    Why would you let girls who HAVEN'T HIT PUBERTY YET wear sexy clothing. This is an invitation for sexual predators and child molesters to rape or harass her. And don't give me the "embracing their self" bull crap. I'm sorry, but I don't want to risk my child's life just because they want to feel good or impress someone. And I don't want my child to be judged. And they are not old enough to wear scandalous clothes.

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