Shakira speaks 7 languages: Should learning a second language be mandatory in public schools?

  • Second languages must be mandatory in school

    Learning a second language must be mandatory in all schools, both public and private. First, second languages are mandatory in private schools so public schools must make an effort to stay abreast. Second, being bilingual, or better yet, multi-lingual is an automatic career enhancer. Businesses have global reach and always are on the look-out for people who can move easily across cultures. A second language is a great way to stand out when competing for interesting positions.

  • Give Kids Tools to Succeed

    Learning a second language should be mandatory in public schools. We are living in a global economy today, so learning another language greatly improves a student's chance at a successful career. Studies have shown that children pick up new languages much more easily than adults, so we need to be teaching them while they are young.

  • Yes, learning a second language should be mandatory in public schools.

    Learning a second language should be mandatory in public schools because the world is an increasingly global community. Learning a second language allows for more communication and understanding across cultures. Many countries across the world teach English in schools in addition to the country's native language; it is a good thing because it allows for more universal communication.

  • Children should be encouraged, but should not be forced from learning secondary language.

    It is a very good idea to learn second or even third language at school. Multilingual children have a higher possibility of acquiring new skills and maintaining flexible mind later in life. However, not all students should be forced studying secondary language. Some children are immigrants and may already have struggles over English. Introducing them another language may even worsen their performance and take away their confidence and the desire to learn. There are also children with learning disability who should not be pushed too hard.
    I used to be a child of an immigrant when I was in primary school and while I had struggled in learning English, I had to learn Spanish and take weekly exams. As a result, I was not able to acquire the language and was a waste of time.
    I am now a college freshman and learning Russian and also have plan to learn German in the near future. I believe learning second language should be highly encouraged, however, children should not be forced to learn since the development of children are diverse. Children should take secondary language lesson, bus should have an opportunity to drop the course if they are affecting their academic performance and mental health.

  • Learning a second language should not be mandatory in public schools

    Learning a second language should not be mandatory in public schools. Public school students, in general, already have a hard enough time learning regular English, let alone learning a second languange. The focus must be on the core principles or reading, writing, arithmetic and science. Besides, what second language? Who decides?

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