• Aw f***, a zombie.

    I always think a zombie is going to rise from the grave during a funeral, pin me down, even though it has no muscle, and eat my brains. One reason I do not attend funerals anymore, f***ing zombie movies ruined those for me. I believe that there are crazed scientists out there ready to publicize their concoction, in which creates a zombie army, and then the zombies take over and rule the world. Oh my gosh, just got the freakin' goose bumps just typin' that. I really do believe there will some day soon be a Zombie Apocalypse.

    Do you even know what an apocalypse is? Zombies won't do that much damage to the planet, just turn most, if not all, the population into zombies, that won't do much harm to the planet. Notice much is a key word.

  • Possible but, unlikely.

    If you consider a zombie apocalypse a situation where people lose their minds and bite everyone, then it is certainly possible. Lesch nyhan syndrome can cause a person to uncontrollably bite themselves and others. There is also parasites that can control brains of insects, and can technically become adapted at attacking humans (but might lose their brain controlling effect).

    On the bright side it is impossible for the dead to come back alive. To go from a state of unordered and low energy to a state of ordered and usable energy is pretty much impossible.

    While technically if something could reorder a dead body to a living state and give usably energy to it, it would be possible. At that point you have bigger problems than a zombie apocalypse.

  • It's already started

    Of course there is going to be a zombie apocalypse, because it has already started. It's called stupid people walking around with their face in their phones. Younger generations today are socially retarded because they have no idea how to interact with someone one on one. I don't know if any of you have seen the movie Wall E but that animated movie isn't far from our future.

  • Yes, it can.

    There could be a scientist out there that makes potions and stuff and they could give it to humans. There are still rabies, too! It is probably not going to happen, but it still could. It could spread and we could have a zombie apocalypse! So get ready! It might happen!

  • No. They are people worrying about those horrific movies.

    Its just a opinion. You don't need to worry about it. Its just making people worrying. It wont happen.
    If you know it will happen, Watch WORLD WAR Z. Scentists are trying their bests that The Zombie Apoclaypse Wont happen. We have peace. We have a good life. Kids are cute. :)

  • No, it wouldn't

    If there were a bacterium, virus, fungus, etc. capable of magically reanimating dead corpses, the "apocalypse" would still fail regardless, why? Simple, zombies lack the one thing that makes humans dangerous, intelligence. Do you want to know what makes a man more deadly than a lion? A gun, take the gun away and what is he? Dinner. Zombies don't use weapons, nor are they intelligent enough to even form strategies beyond "walking into the line of fire and trying to bite". Beyond which, biting is a terrible way to spread a disease, why do you think we don't have a worldwide rabies pandemic?

  • The world's hard out there for a zombie

    I have heard of diseases out there that more or less turn people into zombies. However, I have not heard of anyone reviving dead bodies, but I think it might be possible, considering people only really need the brain stem to perform basic motor skills. But lets just say there was a perfect virus that was able to revive and control a dead body perfectly. This is why that apocalypse would fail.

    1.Dead bodies are yummy
    Well, at least to the millions upon billions of species of bacteria, virus, insects, and scavengers. Like hyenas. Actually, all you would really need are maggots, because maggots eat dead bodies inside out all the time anyway.

    2.Dead bodies are gassy
    When bodies decay, they release carbon dioxide and several other gases. As such, dead bodies are somewhat known to balloon up because of this gas release. And if the skin membrane can no longer contain all that gas, it breaks. So if we have a bunch of dead people walking around, they would essentially bloat and explode before they actually did anything useful.

    3. Dead bodies are weak
    When bodies decay everything that holds them together such as the tendons and the ligaments also decay. So eventually, the walking dead will fall apart by itself. Very anticlimactic.

    4. It's cold out there
    Zombies can't really globe-trot all that well due to the various temperature extremities around the globe. Heat would accelerate the decaying process, causing them to fall apart in places like deserts. Cold would make them sluggish and would eventually freeze them or just quite simply cause them to stop completely. This is because cold is quite simply the absence of heat, i.e. energy, without which nothing can move, much less zombies

    5. We have big guns. BIG guns
    It's not like we poor humans would be completely helpless against an onslaught of zombies. Technology has evolved very quickly over the past several years, and we have the capacity to eradicate ourselves several times over, so it really wouldn't be much of a stretch to blow up a few zombies. Or at least put land mines everywhere.

    6. Dead bodies are yummy (part 2)
    Lets just say for now that the walking dead wasn't actually dead, a virus infected them when they were alive and then they became zombies. Well the thing is, humans are yummy. At least, that's what the several million species of predators think such as coyotes, lions, wolves, dogs, pumas, piranhas, sharks, crocodiles, etc. You get the idea. Not to mention all the territorial animals that would slaughter a human/zombie in a heartbeat if they invaded their land such as bulls, rams, deer, hippos, monkeys, apes, etc.

    7. People have a good batting swing
    If there really was a zombie virus outbreak, what's stopping people from getting out the baseball bats and shovels and rakes to bust open some undead head? In fact, all you really need is a big stick. Or rock. Because rocks hurt.

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