• Shane Miller's domestic abuse was a sign of his psychopathic personality and precursor to murder.

    Domestic abuse is not always a indicator of worse crimes to come but in the case of multiple murderer Shane Miller it was an indication that he had the kind of psychopathic mind that could lead him to commit the terrible crimes of which he is now accused. The disregard for his families welfare finally manifested in their destruction,

  • Domestic Violence and Murder are hand in hand

    I believe that domestic violence is obviously a precursor to murder. They are heavily related and cannot be separated. Domestic violence lets the abuser think of the victim as an object that can be abused into submission. At any point domestic violence can result in murder which is another of the many reasons why early intervention in domestic violence is so important and why it must be severely punished.

  • Domestic violence was a precursor to the triple murders that Shane Miller is accused of.

    Domestic violence was a precursor to the triple murders that Shane Miller is accused of. Shane Miller is accused and wanted for the crime of killing his wife and two daughters in May 2014. According to a CNN article about this case, a woman who worked for a social service that provides shelter for victims of domestic violence reported that a month to her death, Miller's wife came to her office with her two children and stated that she thought Shane Miller would kill her and her children if she stayed with him. Instead of staying at the shelter, Miller's wife returned home to Miller with her children and a month later all 3 were apparently murdered by Miller.

  • Yes, I believe it was.

    The wife had sought support from a domestic abused shelter before she was killed and she expressed concern that her husband would kill her. I believe that once he knew that she was trying to get away he decided that he would rather kill her than let her and the kids get away.

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Lock this b--tard up!