Shane Ray: Will the NFL defensive end be required to have surgery on his foot?

  • Surgery needed to fix an elite athlete

    Shane Ray is a superb athlete. Ray is fast, especially for his size, and has an excellent ability to pivot his body quickly in plays. Foot surgery will insure that these skills will still be in place, and Ray will be able to come back in time and remain superb.

  • Shane Ray will need surgery on his foot.

    NFL players are on their feet alot running,as a result I am sure the feet are injured very often. One part of the body can only take so much punishment. Then it will become unable to heal correctly and as a result surgery will become the only way to fix it.

  • That Remains to Be Seen

    Football injuries can be tricky, right now I am sure that Shane Ray doesn't want to have surgery. After all, with surgery comes a long recovery time and no telling if he would be back by next season. But it always a good idea to follow the advice of the doctor and do what is best for your joints. So, if surgery is necessary hopefully he will go through with it as recommended.

  • No, Shane Ray should not be required to have surgery on his foot.

    No, Shane Ray does not required surgery on his foot. Each team in the NFL has it's own team of doctors to look into a players injuries. One doctor in particular, Dr. Robert Anderson has come forth and indicated that Shane Ray will only need an orthotic insert to correct his foot injuries. If anything, using the orthotic before considering surgery should be applied. Whenever anyone goes into surgery there is always a change of increasing the damage of an injury.

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