• Yes, Amazon is in trouble.Shares in Amazon are set to take a dive.

    Yes, Amazon is in trouble.Shares in Amazon are set to take a dive.The overall market is low. The online share fell by ten percent. Investors are bearing huge loss. The company reported a loss of $437 million in the last quarter, even though revenue was up 20%. We have to watch its next step.

  • Yes, I believe Amazon is in trouble.

    In the stock market, everything goes up and down and fluctuates literally every second but it doesn't mean you can't make a come back. I do realize Amazon shares are about to take a dive so everyone who has invested in them is about to lose good money, it does suck! Amazon will be in trouble but I do think they will recover!

  • No, Amazon is not in trouble

    It is hard to determine with any real certainty why people invest or buy shares in any one company. That said, Amazon has an established record of providing services - such as Amazon Prime - which the public likes. In turn, investors are well aware of that. Additionally, as the holidays approach and prime set about buying holiday-related items (including gifts), they may choose to stay away from brick and mortar stores that have recently had security breaches. In turn, this may mean that Amazon traffic may increase in the coming months even though it is not predicted at this time.

  • No, Amazon is not in trouble

    No, I do not believe Amazon is in trouble. Many companies are taking a hit to their share value right now due to the economic situation, and Amazon is no different. If Amazon plans properly, they can sustain through the down time, and prepare to recover when the ecoonomy recovers as well.

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