• It depends on what you're sharing and for what purpose

    Sharing resources with inferiors is an abomination. Sharing with individuals that are motivated and have a righteous belief system but happen to be in dire straits out of their control is encouraged and an obligation if you are capable of helping. Sharing moral values and giving away prudent instruction on being righteous and adopting sustainable values is an obligation. Sharing anything other than a kick to the curb with an inferior and degenerate scum is a horrific and disgustingly foolish practice for one is funding the entity responsible for one's own destruction.

  • Sharing Keeps us Alive

    Sharing and collaboration are literally the only reasons humans didn't go extinct millenia ago. We are a social species that lives in groups, So it is beneficial to everyone to make sure that everyone gets what they need. Also, When you help someone, They become inclined to help you in the future when they can and you need help.

  • Sharing is caring because it rhymes.

    Seriously, Sharing is a hard thing to do. It's very hard to give away something you have to another person. But by doing so, You learn how to socialize and how to respect others. Sharing is caring, Because people who don't share will become selfish and self-centered beings.
    : D

  • Well sharing is caring at times

    Sharing is caring and nice too, But sometimes not everyone is caring, I just when things go kind a bad, Sharing is caring to help a lot of people, Again it's just only sometimes that sharing is caring a real good thing, So helping others is good sometimes, We need to help more people out during bad times to care for them.

  • Communism. Plain and simple.

    Not entitled to people's tools/possessions/items/etc. Simply because you *ask* for them. Buy your own shit stop leeching. Don't know where or how society ever got the idea where people believe they are entitled to property that they don't own by simply asking the owner. This type of entitlement needs to go.

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