Shark bites young boy: Should it be illegal for children to swim in the ocean?

  • NO its not

    I like kids being bitten by a shark because its just funny and I don't really care if the ocean dangerous or so what . Kids aren't smart and sharks are so we need kids in the oceans so they can be bitten -from sharks people ha ha ha ha

  • Grace had been soaking in the summer sun all day, and decided that it was time to cool off.

    Holding her father's hand, she tiptoed into the wet sand, waves tickling her feet. As Grace strode deeper into the sea, she tripped and fell. The undertow came at a most inconvenient time, and Grace was swept into the ocean.

    Paddling to the surface, Grace called for her dad. He called back!

    "It's okay, Gracie! Swim back to me!"

    But Gracie was a law-abiding citizen. Underage swimming in the ocean was illegal. She would have to stay put.

    The tide pulled Gracie further and further back until she could no longer make out her father's face. Desperate, she changed her mind, and began to tread her way back to her dad.

    The lifeguard had taken notice. How dare this thug SWIM in the ocean? He dialed 9-1-1.

    Gracie, fighting the waves, saw an army of SWAT police charging onto the shore. She was scared out of her mind, and turned around, hoping to escape the regiment of armed, angry men.

    But the police had the upper hand. A helicopter flew in, propellers roaring over the shallow waters.

    Before long, she was surrounded. Finally, this vicious criminal was brought to justice.

    On trial, Grace pleaded guilty. She was sentenced to ten months in prison, and two more months of community service.

    All because she had been swimming in the ocean.

  • What's the point?

    Imagine this, a boy was swimming in a pool and he drowned. Does that mean that swimming in a pool should be illegal? Of course not.

    Getting bit by a shark is very unlikely. They have no interest in eating us and we are only bitten if we foolcthe shark into thinking we were something decent. The boys parents should have made sure he didn't go out to far into the ocean. So yes it is also the parents fault that he wasn't well supervised. At the same time the boy shouldn't have went very far.

  • It should not be illegal for children to swim in the ocean

    It should not be illegal for children to swim in the ocean. Seriously, ban kids from swimming in the ocean over an incident that is likely more remote than dying in a plane crash? It really is time to stop the bubble wrapping of children and do away with this overprotectionist nonsense.

  • Parents should look after their kids.

    Parents should keep a close eye on their children. There should not be laws in place that have to do the parents job for them. Children want to play and the parents have the responsibility to keep them safe so let them play in the ocean but be there with them monitoring their every move. We can't prevent kids from living life.

  • No, that's ridiculous.

    It's very reasonable for children to be required to swim only under adult supervision, since sometimes the ocean can be dangerous. However, banning children from swimming in the ocean at all is a ridiculous overreaction. Getting bitten by a shark is extremely unlikely. Other dangers are far more prevalent, and most of them can be prevented by having an adult present.

  • Absolutely not. The simple act of swimming should not be illegal.

    I think parents should be more careful, and watch where their children go. In other words, parents should be vigilant and aware of what the children are doing and their surroundings. Regarding the ocean, anyone can be injured by any organism, in this case a shark. With the argument above, you might as well make it illegal for any other person to swim in the ocean.

  • We love the ocean!

    Most people that swim in the ocean are totally safe. It's a rare occasion that people are bitten by sharks. Sharks don't want to hurt humans! They just sometimes mistake an arm or leg for a fish. Kids love the ocean. It's a beautiful thing that we all have the right to enjoy. People can keep their kids out if they really don't think it's safe, but it shouldn't be illegal.

  • It shouldn't be illegal for children to swim in the sea.

    First of all the percentage of people that are injured or killed by sharks is astoundingly low. If children shouldn't be able to swim in the sea, then they shouldn't be able to walk across roads, because the risk is much greater there.
    Second, if children aren't allowed to swim in the sea then they will never know what to do if they find themselves off the side of a boat. The risk of children not learning how to swim and drowning is a lot greater than the risk of being harmed by a shark.

  • It's your risk

    All living things thrive outdoors. Connecting to the Earth's elements is a fundamental for the soul. Nature has been proven to bring inner peace, vitality, energy, physical and mental wellbeing and much more to the human mind. Our creativity and strength is rooted into the Earth, and every generation spends less and less time outside their homes.
    Manmade creations are like walls to block our true habitat, creating a convenient and "perfect" lifestyle. There's always an electronic, building, and car within most people's reach. Laws rule and control our lives, and it seems there are more and more each day.
    A child is much more controlled than this, because they never have a true voice. They have to find happiness in the surrounding conflicts that they cannot escape. When a kid finds that they are in a forrest, on a hill, or swimming in the ocean, it is like a release from the chaotic human reality.
    Yes, there are some risks in nature. And, for one, that's just nature. The chance of dying or getting injured is very low.
    But something much harsher from the chance of physical pain is emotional pain. Society starts shaping children at a very young age, and not finding a way to deal with this pain can lead to many problems. Anger issues, control issues, depression, self harm, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts and actions- the list could go on and on. These are just ways of coping with emotions that society denies. But what if children could learn to cope with these feelings just by being in nature? It is so incredibly easy and beautiful.
    For most, the ocean is a very accessible place when wanting to escape a city or town. Sea water heals and soothes the body, and swimming has a million therapeutic benefits. Just being out there can relieve stress, anxiety and tension.
    Taking away all of this sounds crazy, and why wouldn't a parent want this for a child? If they are worried about the 1 in 3,748,067 chance of being just bitten by a shark, then that is their choice and they can chose a different activity. It should really be the parent's choice, not the government's.

  • The reason people go to the beach is to swim in the ocean

    I love to go in the ocean and swim. Just chill out and boogie board and stuff. I would hat for that to be taken away from me. Shark attacks rarely happen, and besides, there's some sort of risk to everything we do. Doesn't mean we should stop doing it.

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