Shark Week 2014 Starts Tonight on the Discovery Channel: Will you be watching this years Shark Week?

  • I will be watching shark week

    I will we watching shark week this week of the year of 2014. I have never watched it before. I have friends who have participated in the watching of shark week in past years and have enjoyed it. Nature and animals in are very interesting to me and I love learning new things.

  • No, sharks scare me even if only on television

    Personally, I love horror movies, and have even made myself sit through Jaws. However, I am scared of sharks to the point that I do not like to venture out into the ocean farther than waist level, in hopes that this means no shark can get me. As for Shark Week, I have no interest in filling my brain with images of sharks, and then not being able to sleep for weeks. Therefore, I will not be watching Shark Week - I have no idea why it seems to be so popular these days.

  • No, I won't.

    I don't really understand the appeal with shark week. Most of the stories are made up or highly embellished and I just can't get into them. I also don't live near the ocean, so dealing with sharks is almost never on my radar. Maybe if I had first hand experience I would be more interested.

  • No, Shark Week on Discovery is not lined with my interests

    While I do enjoy programming on the Discovery Channel and affiliated cable networks, the subject matter typically expressed during "Shark Week" does not reflect an area of which I am typically interested in gaining additional knowledge. Additionally, I personally find the yearly intense public marketing and promotion by the Discovery Channel deviates too far from their normal audience.

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