• Yes, the did.

    The oil spill caused by Shell in Nigeria has caused a great deal of problems for the Nigerians including making it difficult for them to find clean drinking water, and keep their crops from being contaminated. No matter what they do, because the oil spill is not being cleaning up, oil still seeps into their water and soil.

  • Of course they poisoned the Nigerians.

    The Nigerians are correct for going after Shell for the diseases and devastation that the oil has caused. Such companies should find a way for their oil not to leak into the drinking water. One would think such a thing is possible with all the technology that is out there.

  • Yes, I think do.

    Shell claims to have cleaned up that spill too – but new research shows that this just isn’t true. While the oil wells proved to be full, their promises proved empty. Shell often boasts that it creates jobs in the areas where it works. But instead, oil pollution has destroyed the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people.

  • There are many factors.

    There are many problems that contribute to poor quality of life in Nigeria. The Shell corporation did not poison anyone on purpose, because they know that it would be a public relations nightmare if they did. Americans would be furious if they thought something like that had happened. They would never buy oil again.

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