Sheriff charged with stealing meth: Are most police officers drug addicts?

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  • Very few are bad

    It is so unfair to say that all police officers are bad just because you hear something about one. I truly believe that most law enforcement officers do their jobs because they honestly want to help people and make a difference in the world. There are bad seeds in any group, but that doesn't ruin the whole group.

  • No, police officers with access to drugs would rather sell drugs than use them.

    Most police officers are not drug addicts. Using drugs while being a police officer would make it very hard to keep your job, and most police officers stay in the law enforcement field for their entire lives. Rather than using the drugs themselves, police would rather turn a profit from the drugs that are confiscated from criminals.

  • No, of course not.

    It's certainly possible that there is a drug addiction problem among police officers, but it most likely is only an issue among a small number of cops. I don't know if there is any profession where most people are drug addicts, and I don't think that the rate of drug addiction is higher among cops than among other professions.

  • No, most police officers are not drug addicts.

    No, most police officers are not drug addicts. While many police officers may be addicted to drugs, it would be unfair to say that most of them are. Many people think that every police officer is a drug addict because they often keep the drugs that they confiscate from criminals, but this thought is unfair.

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