Sheriff deputy caught with marijuana: Should deputies receive the same punishment as civilians?

  • Yes, the law should apply to everyone.

    Law enforcement officers should be held to the same standards as civilians. There should not be any leniency given to officers because they are the ones appointed to uphold the law. If they cannot obey the laws themselves, then how can we expect them to fairly enforce laws when they are broken?

  • Deputies are civilians, and therefore punished as such

    Deputies, at their core, are still civilians. Even if they have a responsibility to protect the public, if they break the law they should be punished the same as civilians. Especially with the war on drugs, if a deputy is involved in a $2M bust, then they are both breaking the law and undermining those trying to protect the public.

  • Deputies follow same rules as everyone else.

    With all of the glitz and glamour stripped away law enforcement officials are still regular citizens and need to follow the same laws. Marijuana is still a drug even if some feel that it is minor it is still illegal. Therefore the officer should be held to the same punishment and fines as any other citizen.

  • Yes, no one should be above the justice system.

    Yes, deputies and other law enforcement agents should receive the same punishment as a civilian. I feel that the purpose of law would be distorted if some individuals are given favored treatment. Just because someone enforces the law, does not mean they don't have to abide by the law just the same as everyone else.

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