Sheriff's deputy involved in $2M pot bust: Are there too many crooked cops?

  • Thugs in uniform

    Many police officers are law abiding citizens with a good sense of civic responsibility, a strong moral compass and a pride in their duty. However many are just thugs in uniform and if they had not made police selection they would be on the other side of the law. I knew a police officer who also happened to be the largest distributor of pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids in the region. And there are many others that are nasty people who abuse their power and do not perform their duty correctly. I think the punishments for getting caught should be insanely severe. I know in the UK if its only a minor thing they have been involved in they try to hush it up if they agree to retire without receiving any of the pensions/benefits. However I think it should be a public shaming and a lengthy jail sentence. And their prison time should not be in isolation, it should be in among the general population. That would deter crooked police officers.

  • Yeah, they are.

    There is definitely way too many crooked cops. They dont have some nice payments so they need to make money on side. I personaly would never do that. First of all i would never be a cop in this society. They should be treated better, thats one of the reasons they are more and more crooked.

  • Yes, too many "dirty" cops

    I think that it is ridiculous that when a cop is caught up in a pot bust we ask if there are too many crooked cops, but when there are cops shooting innocent kids and citizens weekly in the US we do not ask this. But yes there are far too many cops breaking laws and therefore "crooked".

  • Any crooked cop is too many

    Unless you "walk a mile" in someone's shoes, you don't really know what their life is like. However police offers have such a high stress, dangerous job and many don't get fair compensation for their work. That being said, any corrupt or crooked cop is 1 too many. Just because a person is an officer doesn't make them "good" or "bad", but abusing power and stealing are wrong.

  • No, We only see the worst

    There aren't too many crooked cops out there. The media mostly presents all of the bad things that cops have done, such as this incident and the few shootings that have gone on in the last year or so. Many cops out there have good intentions to help protect citizens and do their job correctly.

  • There are still some good ones (police officers) still out there

    With all the videos of police officers shooting innocent victims, using extreme force and even a recent report of an officer faking his own murder due to fear of being found out that he had embezzled a significant amount of money, one would think they were all bad. There are a great deal of good, decent, law abiding officers who tackle a tough job day in and day out. They are professional when dealing with the public and unfortunately stand under the shadow of the bad, rogue cops. We have to shine a light on the good ones whenever we can because so much emphasis is put on the negative officers.

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