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  • Locals know it's nonsense

    This is not out of the blue and people who know Sherri are not even surprised, disgusted maybe and a little shocked at how gullible the public can be but not surprised. There is no evidence to support her claims and if even half of what her ridiculous husband said about her condition was true she would not have been released from the hospital in a matter of hours. Two Hispanic women did it? Only based on her word. Severe injuries? Only based on her/ her husbands words (and obviously not credible as anyone in the medical field can tell you- they will not release an "emaciated" torture victim within hours)
    Nothing about this case is believable because its not true and hopefully she will receive some type of punishment this time.

  • They wanted to be STARS....

    Look at all those photos they keep posting of themselves...They wanted to be STARS...I'm not sure who is worse, the Husband or the Wife? This is apparently the new way in to being a celebrity. Look at how they're acting...The husband just can't shut up which is pretty sociopathic "spilling" all the time which is a dead giveaway and she has apparently been a serial drama queen with incidences similar in her past. Total HOAX and the faster it comes out, the faster we can be done with it. I hope no one pays them any money for this BS. Nancy Grace, where are you! Thank God their son is ok but time to think about who he lives with once this all plays out.

  • Yes 100% Hoax

    SP claims she can't remember anything for LE, this way she won't get caught in all her lies. Her non life threatening injuries did not require hospitalization, yet KP has embellished beyond all measure. Superficial injuries. Where is the video footage and photos of SP from Thanksgiving day when she 'resurfaced'? Why does media ignore Allison Sutton, eyewitness who called 911 Thanksgiving morn reporting: SP in road has "LONG BLOND HAIR and does NOT APPEAR HURT"... Now the media and public is daily force fed horsehockey from KP and it is reported as fact. Two hispanic woman with masks on for 3+ weeks speaking spanish? Of course- it covers why no rape and the fact SP wants LE to believe these women just slipped back over the border never to be found. Except they never did exist. Where is all the gofundme donations? Why are those funds not refunded? And the motive? Why? Money, Fame, Book and Movie deals. SP will finally be known internationally as a super hero... She stared down death... Beaten starved and tortured ...And brave fearless superwoman SP overcame! Yes book and movie deals and all the spoils to come! HOAX.

  • No, it was not.

    Sherri Papine was definatley abducted, and the fact that her abductors were women does not change that. She may have been the victim of sex trafficking, and was very lucky that she is able to go back home and to the life that she lived before she was taken and held captive.

  • No, Sherri Papini's abduction was not an elaborate hoax.

    No, Sherri Papini's abduction was not an elaborate hoax. If this were a case of a simple abduction, it may be easier to believe claims such as this one. But considering that Papini was found emaciated, tortured and with multiple burns and other signs of abuse on her body, it would be an unfair and irresponsible claim to make that this was a hoax.

  • No, i disagree.

    No, i disagree with this. It is not true to say that Sherri Papini's abduction was an elaborate hoax. I strongly believe that this was something planned by the her abductors. We are not supposed to judge her in any way. We just have to listen to what she told the police.

  • No, it does not seem Sherri Papini's abduction was an elaborate hoax.

    No, it does not seem Sherri Papini's abduction was an elaborate hoax. While some pieces of evidence seem to have been planted purposefully and in creative ways, the actual abduction itself seems real. Perhaps her kidnappers chose to play games with law enforcement and the media along the way, but there is no doubt that she was not part of it.

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