Sheryl Sandberg: 'Powerful women are less liked.' Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

  • Generally, women will like other powerful women less + tall-poppy syndrome

    Women have an inherit jealously of other women, especially those whom are perceived as more attractive to men (I know this because I have analysed myself and other women, and I'm sure that many other people would agree with me). Of course, this is superficial to some extent; if I actually met a powerful woman and discovered who she was personality wise, then I think the jealously could die down.

    Tall poppy syndrome occurs when other people try to bring down the outlying, successful person. It's just human nature as it's tied into an instinctive sense of justice (i.E. How come she gets more than me?). It's especially applicable when the successful person is perceived to have become successful with little effort (e.G. Money through inheritance).

  • Powerful Women Liked?

    When women are more powerful, I think that they scare men. The reason it possibly scares them a little more is because they don't "get" to take care of them. Men have always been the more powerful, and so when women step up to the plate, its more like a competition between the two genders. The same when men and men are in the battle. So, when women are going around and becoming more muscular, and causing a difference in the way its always been, men might get pretty frustrated. But eventually they're going to have to get used to it. I hope that women/young ladies decide to push the "limits", even if men don't like it!

  • I'm disagree to this opinion.

    Women can have more right .They are inocent. Men and women have to be equal . More right to women more right. Women is the best. If we don't have women we will be dead. They're beautiful, they're strong. Women women women!!!!!! I love women. Women is the best .

  • Sad but true

    Look no further than Mens Rights Activists to see how nuts it gets for some people when women do things that require them to have a little control. We say we want equality, yet we have seeing examples of it. It's bizarre and pretty depressing. The silver lining in this is powerful people are in general less liked, but there's still a gender issue.

  • Not HUGE fanbase

    Let me start off with saying that I myself admire powerful women in the world. However, I disagree with the statement, ''Powerful women are less liked.''. Powerful women are not any more or less liked by anyone, it's simply a problem of fan base. These days, people hear more about the famous and beautiful women. Now I am not saying powerful women are ugly but I'm saying powerful women are recognized for their achievements in society but famous and beautiful women are recognized for their achievements in the entertainement industry. It is simply a matter of a change of course in the interests of the majority of our society. Instead of ''less liked'' it should be ''less recognized by society''.

  • I completely disagree.

    No, I do not think it is true that powerful women are less liked. I think that if a woman is smart, rational, and powerful, the average person will look at them with respect. I certainly have looked at women like Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice in this way, and I would hope most people would do the same.

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