Shia LaBeouf arrested at anti-Trump art installation: Do demonstrations like this hurt the cause they are supposed to be working for?

  • Demonstrations against Trump Hurt because they work for

    Regarding the example of Shia LaBeouf arrested add an anti-trump art installation, those demonstrations have to complete and opposite effect of what they are trying to prove. In reality, all it does is make decide doing the demonstration look like a bunch of complete and order morons.'s people need to grow up.

  • Why get arrested

    Actor and performance artist Shia LaBeouf has been charged with misdemeanor assault and a harassment violation after getting in a scuffle during a rally against Donald Trump early Thursday morning, according to New York Police Department spokesman Sgt. Thomas Antonetti. It makes no sense that he gets arrested for that

  • Yes, Trump opponents are undermining themselves.

    During the election, Trump opponents characterized Trump supporters as "deplorables," insinuating that they could not handle the democratic process and would exhibit violence, hatred, and inappropriate behavior. This was when they thought their candidate would win and expected Trump supporters to fall apart. Fast forward to after the election, and now it seem that Trump opponents are bent on demonstrating behavior which closely resembles that which they were critical of during the debate. The reality is that many find this behavior distasteful and it is undermining their message.

  • They aren't taken seriously.

    No one is ever going to change their mind about Trump because someone went out and defaced property. It only paints them as unreasonable people who try to win their argument by shouting louder than the person next to them. They would change more minds with peaceful protests about what they stood for.

  • No, I believe this is exactly the outome that demonstrators seek.

    An 'anti-Trump art installation' is obviously a place of protest. It is widely known that protesters risk getting arrested if they openly break the law, or do other questionable acts publicly. They are intentionally engaging in civil disobedience, with the desire to draw attention to their message. Having a celebrity involved adds recognition to the cause. This is a perfect example, because this incident is now a news headline due to Shia LaBeouf's involvement. It may not have been otherwise.

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