• Not everyone is comfortable around guns

    The ability of the common man to acquire a gun for protection or whatever reason is an important right given to us by our constitution. But, the 2nd Amendment does not give the individual the right to terrorize other people. Like it or not. Not everyone is comfortable around guns. And those people have the right to refuse entry.

  • NO! It is horrible to think that we advertise for the criminals that certain areas are easy targets.

    Gun free zones are an infringement on the right to bear arms. They create a false sense of security for the people with gun phobia and do not deter criminals from bringing guns in. There is absolutely no logic in disarming the people to make a few feel safe while in reality, they are now very exposed to the criminal element and no one around them would be able to help defend them in the event of an attack. Even Ft. Hood is a gun free zone, where Soldiers are NOT allowed to carry firearms - only the MPs. See what happened there, twice!

  • It is a Constitutional Right.

    To say that you can't have a firearm in one area or another is a violation of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. This amendment guarantees all citizens the right to keep and bear arms. This amendment was put in place specifically to deter future oppression within the U.S.

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