Shot spot challenge system in tennis: Is this system a good idea (yes), or should it be challenged (no)?

  • Yes, the shot challenge system in tennis is a good idea.

    With the advent of technology tennis is much easier to officiate. Technology can determine if a shot is in play or out of bounds. The challenge system is an effective way for a player to get an incorrect call overturned. This will allow for the player who played the best game to win.

  • It's fair to know that shots aren't foul

    Sports are big business and the stakes are huge. A Tennis tournament can be determined by an inch, or by whether or not an official can determine whether that inch was hit or missed. The technology exists to make sure those tournament-deciding calls are correct. This technology has been used since 2005 and it has made the game better.

    Turning our back on technology would be silly. Can the system be improved? Perhaps. But abandoning it would be a massive mistake that would reintroduce officiating error as a deciding variable in million dollar tournaments.

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